Interlake Interludes

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What a great day!

On Saturday June 20, 26 Interlakes enjoyed a day of relative normalcy with a great day of racing and socializing…distantly of course. Hoover’s Interlake Fleet 24 stepped up to the challenges of hosting an event while respecting the need to follow the rules and restrictions of our times. We held a one-day George Fisher Memorial Regatta with modified registration, modified meals and refreshments, and the help and cooperation of everyone involved. We handled all registration in advance and online (thank you Mike McClinchie for setting this up). It worked well and was simplified by the fact that we did not charge any fees. A few local fleet members generously subsidized the event and paid for the food, trophies, and beverages.

Sailors featured in the photo above are (left to right) Chad & Stephanie Headlee (1418), Jeff Tyndall and Crew Rob (1298), Steve and David Aspery (1435), Stu Fisher and Gwen Mulvey (1174).

The day started clear and hot with no breeze, none. The night before, the forecast for the day was light and variable wind. And yet despite this dismal forecast, the teams arrived. Hank Boissoneault and Danny Olson (defending National Champs) from Sandusky, Bob and Betsy Bradley from Toledo, Tom and Sue Wills from Mansfield, Bill Sanderson and Cara Bown with Heather Parson, Lee Sacket drove down to sail with Mark Presley, and all our friends from across town at Leatherlips: AJ and Jill Savage, Dick Evans with Carolyn and Cindy, Mike Mirarchi and Ed Fairbanks, Ken Fallon and Mason Mattice, and Scott Graham with Kevin Flanagan. We were so impressed that these folks made the trip knowing the forecast. Only one out of town boat did not make the trip and that was due to trailer issues.

But, perhaps as a reward for their faith, the forecast changed that morning. Calm becoming north about 5. Would it come? A couple of competitors lost faith and left their boats on the trailer. But 26 teams set up and put the boats in the water, confident that something good would happen.

Everyone enjoyed a no-contact box lunch as Bill Sanderson prepared us for battle with some rousing bagpipe tunes, while Lynne Allison provided the traditional dance steps. We dutifully held a competitors meeting, still confident something good would come in. Jamie Jones, our PRO, announced we were going, the breeze will come. And it did. On cue for our 12:45 warning gun, the breeze steadily built to a lovely 5 from the north. Sometimes you just need to show up and see what happens!

Jamie, with his race committee of Molly Jones, Matt and Lisa Fisher, and Steve and Rachel Lavender set a great course and started racing on time. The north breeze was solid and held for the afternoon. It became a little shifty, but we always had breeze and the racing was good. The race committee efficiently fired off 5 good races and racing was tight with plenty of mid race switch ups. Lee Sackett and Mark Presley sailed consistently well and recorded 3 firsts and no bad races to win the event. Steve and David Aspery won the first and last races to finish second overall, Hank Boissoneault and Danny Olson sailed very consistently to finish third, Stu Fisher and Gwen Mulvey also sailed very consistently to finish 4th, with Jeff Jones and Richard Blake rounding out the top 5. Nadia Reynolds, Emma Friedauer, and Brendan Smucker were the top youth team, finishing 16th overall.

One of the hallmarks of the Interlake class is the family-friendly nature of the boat and class. We had 12 family teams which is always cool to see. Even more impressive is that 6 of the top ten finishers were family teams! We also had 4 all-youth teams competing!

After racing we gathered on the front lawn, reasonably spaced, and enjoyed snacks and beverages. Terry Kilpatrick presented the 2019 Travelers Series trophies which were beautiful half-hulls. Then we presented trophies for the event and everyone was able to head home by 5:00. Many stuck around to enjoy the company and bask in the stories of a great day of sailing.