HSC Sailors are in Pursuit

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We are back in the racing business on both Sundays & Wednesdays. Most of the early regattas were cancelled, all of them due to the pandemic. Once we opened the clubhouse both Thistles and Interlakes ran 1-day regattas with great success. Thistles are running another 1-day regatta on Saturday, July 18th. Lasers plan to run a 1-day event on Saturday, August 1.  And MCs have also scheduled a 1-day regatta on Saturday, September 19th.  Check the HSC Calendar for updates.

On our first Wednesday night racing, June 17, we ran the first Pursuit Race of the 2020 season. It was particularly entertaining because it was so well attended, 28 boats, the most in recent years. Guessing it was sailors eager get out of the house on a weekday.  The folks watching from on shore reported that it was very exciting.  All pursuit races are exciting, since they’re really two races in one, the race going on between boats of the same fleet, and the race between all boats. 

The top 5 winners were:

  • Matt Fisher—MC Scow
  • Steve Lavender—Thistle
  • Steve Aspery—Interlake
  • Mark White—Interlake
  • Tom Fee—Interlake

This year we instituted a color-coding scheme to communicate the wind speed range for each Pursuit Race. Look for a colored flag on the Race Committee Boat under the RC flag. The wind speed sheets will be at the top of the ramp for dry sailors & on the porch of the club for raft owners.

The next Pursuit Races are Wednesdays July 15 and August 19. 

Come race!  Come watch!