Commodore’s Comments

Steve LavenderCommodore Comments, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

As we approach the end of June
We’ve started singing a different tune.
Even though Covid is still hanging around
We’ve started to come out and hear the starting horn sound.

It’s been great to come out and see our friends on the starting line
Enjoying our sport helps us feel closer to fine.
We’ve already had our first club championship pursuit race of the year,
Although I must admit, I really miss our Wednesday burgers and beer.

But despite what I’ve said,
It’s the second peak that we all still dread.
Upon hearing the recent updates on Covid in the news
My heart is once again singing the blues.

It looks like Ohio cases have shown a steep rise
But with the opening of bars, restaurants, etc., is this a surprise?

Therefore, in this column, I want to ask of you
To continue the good health practices that you all do.
In particular, let’s keep our social distance on shore
So we all stay healthy and can continue to sail some more!

Photos below demonstrating all the members who worked hard this spring in a safe way to get the club ready for all of us to use.