The Corona Chronicles

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Here we are in the Spring of 2020 when most of the population is in some degree of isolation either self-imposed or mandated. Socially distance -physically- by an unseen virus that threatens our lives and way of life. The funny thing about isolation is that while the intention is to separate people, it actually tends to draw people together, to strengthen our bond with one another.

During HSC’s social confinement, the Leadline is introducing a new feature called, The Corona Chronicles, in which we hope to reach out…but not touch…HSC members and friends and to record how we are coping, changing our lives, and helping others during this period of separation. As any experienced sailor knows, when the wind shifts, adjust your sails.

Send your stories and accounts of your activities and experiences to our Leadline editor, Lisa Kreischer at for inclusion as part of The Corona Chronicles segment of the Leadline. Hopefully, like the coronavirus, The Corona Chronicles will be short- lived. Shall we start?

Trial By Stone

For those of you who are acquainted with my husband, Tim Bachman, you know he likes competition both on the water and on shore. For the past six years, he has competed in Art at The Arnold, which is part of The Arnold Sports Festival held the first weekend in March in Columbus, Ohio. Now, Art at The Arnold is a competitive event for artists, who create original works of art onsite during The Arnold Sports Festival. Because the festival attracts athletes and contestants from 80 countries (also attended by over 200,000 fans) and due to the concerns over the coronavirus, this year the sports event was severely limited. No spectators and no vendor exhibits! Just contestants with their entourage, relatives and parents, Arnold

Schwarzenegger (of course) and an intrepid cadre of artists…including Tim.

Thirty-five artists from throughout the USA gathered to wield their brushes, pens, watercolors, oil paints, pastels and Purell hand- sanitizers in an effort to champion all other competitors. Tim, with camera-in-hand, scouts the exhibition halls looking for the perfect subject for his work of art. And, there it is…the Trial by Stone event, part of the Strongman Classic Competition!

Tim quickly snaps the image he wants to use in his drawing, and returns to a blank piece of paper mounted on his easel. Eight grueling hours later, he has completed his masterpiece…just in time for judging.

And, I am happy to report, that Tim did not disappoint. He won first-place at Art at The Arnold! I would like to note, that unbeknownst to Tim, his subject for his artwork was one Hafthor Bjornsson of Iceland, who won the Strongman Competition this year…last year…and the year before, and who is better known to the wider world as the actor who played the character of Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain) in the HBO series Game of Thrones!