Commodore’s Comments

Steve LavenderCommodore Comments, Leadline

While it is tempting to quote Paul Simon and start singing “Slip sliding away” as it feels like our lives are doing right now, we are fortunate that at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic we have a special place we can go where we can get out of the house and be socially distant.  Yes, I am thinking about our Hoover Sailing Club.  So far sailing is considered acceptable outdoor recreation, and based on what I’ve seen on the Olentangy Bike Trail and Sharon Woods Park, it is a far more socially distant experience than one can get at the Metroparks.  So while our usual club races are on hold, there are enough dock sections in the water to support pleasure sailing.  This means, that if the cabin fever strikes, to quote the 70’s band Styx “Come sail away, set an open course and get away from me, We’ve got to be free, free to enjoy life instead of watching TV….” (Okay, I did tweak the words).   But you get my point, while we don’t have our organized races, we’re fortunate that we can still go sailing.

When the state’s AP (postponement) flag comes down, we’re in good shape for starting the season due to the boat purchasing efforts of Chris Fogle and Mark White.  We have added two Boston Whalers to our fleet of support boats to replace the inflatables with engines that exceeded the 25 horsepower limit recently imposed by the City of Columbus.    Hopefully, we’ll be on the pond again soon, so to paraphrase Willie Nelson:

On the pond again,

Just can’t wait to be on the pond again,

The life we love is racin’ with our friends

And we can’t wait to be on the pond again!