Thistle—A Hail from the Rail

Ann JonesFleet News, Leadline

The Hoover Thistle Fleet and the Leatherlips Thistle Fleet raced indoor go-karts on Tuesday evening, December 10, and a great time was had by all. There were no “serious” collisions and no black flags, according to Fleet Captain Mike McBride, who organized the event. 

We held our Thistle Fleet #126 party Saturday, January 25. The food and company were great!  We had a bad joke contest, with the kids judging and announcing the results.

The 3rd place bad joke was:
Q: What’s a penguin’s favorite relative?
A: Antarctica (Aunt Arctica)

The 2nd place bad joke was:
Q: What do you call a boy who is alone in the sea with no boat?
A:  Bob

And the 1st place bad joke was:

Q: Why should you never use a dull pencil?
A: It’s pointless.

2019 Thistle Race Results

Beautiful trophies were provided courtesy of Rachel Lavender. 

Wednesday Night Racing Awards: 1st 3 places awarded trophies. 
  • 1st Lavender
  • 2nd  McNitt
  • 3rd  Findley
Sunday Racing: 1st 8 places awarded trophies. 
  • 1st Lavender
  • 2nd McNitt
  • 3rd McBride
  • 4th Findley
  • 5th  Miller
  • 6th  Church
  • 7th  Ward
  • 8th  Schworm

Visit this link for additional Thistle Class Association Regattas:

And finally, Ann Jones nominated herself and won the HSC 180 Degree Award for 2019. Read more at the Annual Banquet page.