2019 Annual Awards Banquet

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It was very touching to witness Jamie and the junior sailors announce Sam and Brendan as the Rippel Award recipients. They are seen here FaceTiming the two winners who were on the road returning from a regatta. The signs read:

Way to go Brendan!
Way to go Sam!
Great sailing this year!
You guys are amazing!
Thanks for being great teachers.

Additional awards included the Interlake Fleet winning the Pursuit Race Trophy and Janna Conley receiving the Rob Ciccotelli Award for Excellence in Communication. Janna redesigned our HSC website. Thanks Janna!

Ann Jones nominated herself and won the 2019 HSC 180 Degree Award. Note that the incident that garnered her the prize was not on the water but happened to her after she secured the key to the keg on the last night of Wednesday night racing. When she went to return the key to its lofty position, “the nail upon which I needed to hang the key was now at least two feet above my reach. First I placed the kiddie step from the drinking fountain below the nail and tried to reach it–not even close! In an act of total creativity (or insanity), I piled a plastic box on top of that kiddie step, and lo, it looked it might just be tall enough to do the job! …

I firmly planted my feet upon the plastic box and leaned forward and to my right with the tip of the key almost touching that elusive nail. I had to stretch a little bit further, so I stood on my right tippy-toe. At that point, everything went off balance–the stool, the plastic box, and most of all my teetering body. In a final hail-Mary attempt, I managed to snag the beer key onto the nail as I executed a pirouette (or maybe it was just a prat-fall) and landed hard, very hard, on the side of my foot! My foot swelled up and turned true Thistle colors, and I was unable to sail for several weeks, and that seemed like an eternity-but I saved the beer!

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