Interlake Interludes

Jeff JonesFleet News, Leadline

Hello fellow Interlakers,

It was a wonderful year and I was glad to fill the role of fleet captain. The racing was consistent all year and the social activities were nicely attended. Thanks to all of the wonderful hosts and volunteers for running these events. We truly cannot do them without your support. We are looking to continue this trend next year.

Regatta Rigging and Set Up
Beer and Soda Blind Tasting
Wine Tasting
Treasure Hunt and Moonlight Sail

As you read this, sailing season is nearly complete and docks out is just around the corner. Remember docks out is a required work day. We will then have the HSC Banquet and followed up by our always highly entertaining Christmas Party. Look for these dates in future communications.

On a personal note, this is a was a very fun year for me. I got to be the fleet captain which was a lot of fun and a learning experience. As you may have seen, Emma and I got to do a lot of sailing together. We would complete 1 race and then go have Ice Cream (she really loved the ice cream). We also got to do her first moonlight sail and she has been asking to do that again ever since. Something learned. Kids love evening sails and we should find ways to do more of them as a fleet. Just being able to be out there with your kid(s) is something really cool and I am really looking forward to next season. If you have littles, bring them out and have a good time. Sailing becomes that much more rewarding. I really love this sport and look forward to passing that passion to Emma. Thanks again and see you soon