Commodore’s Comments – September 2019

Marty SweiterlichCommodore Comments, Leadline

Fall has arrived and with it some of the best sailing of the year. Steady winds, sunshine ( hopefully) with moderate temperatures and beautiful fall colors showing up on the lakeshore.  At least this is my ideal Fall sailing experience. I am always a little sad this year as the season winds down, we put our boats away and pull our docks. Of course there is always the Sail-aholics and their lasers and another year to contemplate.  

I am excited about the work of the nominating committee lead by John Church. They have assembled a slate of BOG members that will be able to lead the club going forward with energy and expertise. As for me, I am quite happy to become the Past Commodore.  It has been a challenge and an honor to lead this club for two seasons of sailing. We are in good shape financially and in our relationship with the city, notwithstanding some ongoing issues with boats and motors. Kudos for all of this goes to all of the members of the BOG who have worked tirelessly to address the challenges of the last two years and make their  Commodore  look competent.  Highlights include a new 10 year lease,  a new floor in the house, new drysail areas, a new SI shed, new beer and water coolers (my personal favorites), successful JRT and high school teams recognized around the state and beyond, the ever vigilant safety committee that kept the rescue boats running despite repeated breakdowns, a new website that also hosts the Leadline, very poplar and smooth running open houses, new members coming out of those adult boats in adult sail instruction and lots of excellent racing year round, to name just a few. And all of it was done on budget. Special thanks to Mark White, Lisa Aspery and Charles Vasulka whose labors are not so easily seen by the membership but whose contributions are essential to our ongoing success. When you see a current member of the BOG please take time to say thank you for all the work they do to keep you sailing.