Windmill Midwestern Championships

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2019 Windmill Midwestern Championship / Tovell Memorial Regatta

June 1-2, 2019 at Hoover Yacht Club, Westerville Ohio

Hoover Yacht Club hosted another wonderful event!  Eleven Windmills from as far away as Florida participated (Lon & Meg) and brothers who hadn’t sailed together in decades (Graham & Robert) spent time on the water and raced well together.  On arrival Saturday, the lake was a flat calm, but the wind built steadily, and the Race Committee was able to get sixraces in and have us back ashore in plenty of time for cocktails and a great diner served up by Kathy Bachmann, Peter Rothman, and many others.  Seriously, the HYC Windmill Fleet puts on the best regatta and food anywhere!

To the racing – the conditions started off very challenging, frustrating, or prophetic depending on your position and viewpoint.  There was a race start which turned into a port only exit from the line with about 30 seconds to go, there were holes, a mark you couldn’t get to because you kept getting lifted all the way around it, etc…you know, low wind lake sailing.  However, as Saturday went the conditions got more and more predictable and by the end of the day we were sailing in 10 knots and hiking.  And, the top four-five boats were always crossing paths and finishing well which made every race meaningful.  At the lunch break, with three races in, all top five finishers were in the hunt!  After lunch, the racing remained close with good battles going on third through six and six through tenth, every race mattered.  At the end of day one, and six races in with a throw-out, we were just one point ahead of Craig and Halle and all the finishing positions were up for grabs.

Everyone was on the water early Sunday morning and ready to go in a steady but light breeze (3-5 knots?).  We knew we were going to do at least two races, if not three, so we decided to sail our own race and try to get two or three good finishes rather than focusing on Craig – as everyone knows, he’s fast and Hoover is his lake!  And, Lon and Meg and the Alexanders were not out of it yet either…as it turned out we ended up splitting the next two races with Craig and we were again just 1 point apartgoing into the final race…wow!  Lon and Meg crushed everyonein the final race with a great start and they were gone (firmly securing third place), but this time we did make a conscious effort to not lose sight of Craig and Halle and we were able to finish ahead of them by one place to secure the win.  

It was a great regatta and I’m proud to say that now the entire Demler family has their name on the Tovell Memorial Trophy; Brendan won it with Craig, Cam and I have won together, and this year Nancy earned the right to put her name on the trophy!  The Hoover Windmill Fleet is the best and truly demonstrates all that is great about our sport: experiencing nature, friendly competition, family values and loyal comradery.  

By Chris Demler

Final BoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9
15705 (Speed Bump)Chris & Nancy Demler142(2)1(3)(5)(8)2(10)3(13)1(14)2(16)1(17)(19)
24200 (C-Monkeys)Craig Tovell/ Halle Bourne16(6)(6)4(10)1(11)1(12)1(13)3(16)1(17)2(19)(22)
35070 (Pig Headed)Lon Ethington/ Meg Gimmi241(1)(6)(7)2(9)5(14)4(18)5(23)3(26)3(29)(30)
43227 Graham & Robert Alexander293(3)3(6)3(9)(6)(15)2(17)4(21)4(25)6(31)(35)
54689 (Blu Muse)Nate & Tim Bachman334(4)5(9)4(13)3(16)(7)(23)2(25)6(31)4(35)(40)
65586 (B&B)Allen Chauvenet/Erik Arnesen395(5)2(7)6(13)4(17)(8)(25)6(31)5(36)5(41)(47)
75410 (ATW)Bernie & Julie Himmelsbach57(8)(8)8(16)7(23)8(31)6(37)7(44)7(51)7(58)(65)
84100 (Anon)Chris Bunge/ Doug Boyer587(7)7(14)(8)(22)7(29)5(34)8(42)8(50)8(58)(66)
94622 (Banana Wind)Ed Yingling/ Bill Pederson739(9)9(18)9(27)(DNS)(39)9(48)9(57)10(67)9(76)(85)
105566 (Madia)Peter & Sarah Lynn Rothman7910(10)10(20)10(30)9(39)10(49)10(59)(11)(70)10(80)10 (90)
113251 Simon & Jacob Pennells8811(11)11(22)11(33)(DNS)(45)DNF(57)DNS(69)9(78)11(89)11(100)