Commodore’s Comments – July 2019

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Angel on Our Shoulders A regatta is always an adventure but some are more challenging than others both on and off the water. Team Helga went to Deep Creek Maryland in July for the 2019 Sandy Douglas memorial Regatta where 30 to 40 boats in 4 fleets participated. Saturday evening we were mid fleet in the Silver Fleet with a potential for hardware … Read More

Weather Watch

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First the good news! Commodore Marty investigated last month and found that our brand of algae isn’t problematic–thanks for taking care of us Marty! Now, when you look at those low clouds on the horizon, do you recognize that you’re seeing?  Can you tell the difference between a shelf cloud and a wall cloud? It’s pretty easy to distinguish them, … Read More

Windmill Midwestern Championships

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2019 Windmill Midwestern Championship / Tovell Memorial Regatta June 1-2, 2019 at Hoover Yacht Club, Westerville Ohio Hoover Yacht Club hosted another wonderful event!  Eleven Windmills from as far away as Florida participated (Lon & Meg) and brothers who hadn’t sailed together in decades (Graham & Robert) spent time on the water and raced well together.  On arrival Saturday, the lake was a flat … Read More

Interlake Interludes

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As you read this June has come to an end. Your Interlake fleet hosted another successful George Fisher Memorial on June 22-23. THANK YOU to all the volunteers that made this happen. We could not have all this fun without you. The Regatta saw 18 boats on the water–a few more from last year. We saw a few less Hoover boats but an … Read More

MC Scow Racing Update

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MC Club Racing remains strong. The MC fleet at Hoover has maintained a high level of racing activity for many years.   During the current season we have averaged 6 boats per race over our 34 races sailed so far.    Going back to 2008, we have averaged 7 boats per race, over 11 years, and over 1,012 races sailed.  If you … Read More

Thistle – a Hail from the Rail

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GREAT LAKES INTER-DISTRICTS RESULTS A total of 47 boats registered for this event. Races were held at Cleveland Yacht Club, the site of the 2020 75th Anniversary Thistle Nationals.  On Saturday, June 29, there was good wind at the start of the regatta, but it lightened up as the day wore on. Sunday was described as “light and lumpy”. INDEPENDENCE … Read More