Thistle – a Hail from the Rail

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June Pursuit Race Results

Our June 19 Pursuit Race plan encountered a slight problem. The weather looked a little “iffy”, but the race committee promised  the lightest wind category. Clyde and I launched his boat and journeyed out to the race course with the hope that the “iffy” would hold off for an hour. No such luck! Several fleets had already started, the western sky turned dark and the race committee blew three horns. Fortunately, the race committee gave us the ample time and opportunity to put the boat on the raft and cover it before the rains came in. Our intrepid sailors then manned the “barbie” and made us some delicious burgers, Unfortunately, the “iffy” morphed into a monster of a storm that eventually drove our little feast into the great room.  Then as we watched, that monster “iffy” turned the air to water and finally threw bolts of lightning at us until the lights flickered and we were concerned that our little sanctuary would lose power. So at the first pause in the deluge, we decided that discretion was the better part of valor and scrambled for the door. Apparently, we had forgotten to propitiate “Mom” Nature and she had a major tantrum. So the Pursuit Race was abandoned and re-sailed on Wednesday, June 26 instead. 

There was absolutely no comparison between the original conditions and the conditions we encountered on the latter, re-sail date! On the 26th we had “blue skies with white clouds above”, second category breezes, and tons of boats (including three Thistles). And Mother Nature benignly smiled upon us!  The lead changed several times between the three Thistles, but unfortunately, none of us finished quite high enough. So we drowned our sorrows at the after-party with beer, burgers, watermelon, and (of course) Steve’s ice cream sandwiches. And “Mom” Nature further favored us with one kick-ass gorgeous red ball of a sunset.  It was just another fun-filled evening at our favorite sailing club!  

Recent Regattas

DISTRICTS AT SANDUSKY, were held at Sandusky Sailing Club on June 8 and 9. It was a combined Lake Erie District and Michiana District regatta, with 22 boats from Lake Erie and 7 boats from Michiana competing on the same racecourses.  On Saturday, two races were completed and a third was abandoned.  The course on Saturday was in the somewhat sheltered East Bay, and conditions were described as a high-intensity washing machine, as the wind cranked ever and the waves became ever rougher.  Two more races were completed on Sunday in the West Bay in more moderate conditions.  Heroic Bob McNitt, who was sailing with Will Miller and Nathan Ward, described his awesome capsize and recovery after the start of Saturday’s third race.  He said the spinnaker was wrapped around the mast, so they cut it free and handed it off to a race committee boat.  That committee boat came past a couple of times and then left the area.  After about 20 minutes of struggling, Bob and his tired crew finally righted the boat, only to discover that but nobody else was around! So they returned to the dock and found that the race had been abandoned.  Bob also discovered that when they hoisted the boat out of the water, he found that his forestay (that is normally attached to the inside of the bow with four screws) was only attached by one thread of one screw!  Luck was certainly with Bob and his bright-red Thistle, “Red Hot Chili Peppers” on that Saturday afternoon at Sandusky!    

Winners of the Lake Erie Districts were: 1. Conor Ruppen 2. Stu Fisher, Matt Fisher, Meghan Dieball 3. Jesse Shedden 4. Craig Koschalk 5. Kris Klotz 6. Ben France 7. Mike McBride, Kimberly Pasley, Noah Porschart 8. Corinne Sackett 9. Jack Finefrock 10. Ed Duckworth 11. Grace Squires, Ryan Squires, Michaela O’Donnell 12. Lee Sackett 13. Mark D’Apolito 14. Bob McNitt, Will Miller, Nathan Ward 15. Mike Lovett 16. Robert Mansuetto 17. Tom Hubbell, John Yingling, Betsy Yingling 18. Liz Barker 19. Bronislaw Gober 20. Ron Fiedler 21. David Miller 22. Andrew Gallaher   

Winners of the Michiana Districts were:
1. Ron Sherry 2. Ken Swetka 3. Ron Udell 4. Tim Sgrazzutti 5. Champ Glover 6. Jason Huyghe 7. Thor Krembel

BERLIN REGATTA was raced at Berlin Yacht Club, North Benton, Ohio on June 18 and 19. (Actually nobody raced on Sunday, because there wasn’t enough breeze.)  Noah Porschart, who sails with Team Clyde, crewed for Connor Rupen who had just won Districts, and they finished second behind Jesse Shedden.

GREAT LAKES INTER-DISTRICT REGATTA was held at Cleveland Yachting Club, Rocky River on June 29 and 30. Stay tuned for details in the next “Leadline”. 
THANKS FOR DOING YOUR RACE COMMITTEE DUTY! It is just great how our Fleet #126 members step up and run the Club races expertly. Your willingness enables other sailors to enjoy racing while feeling safe and secure.  Keep up the good work!

Upcoming Events  

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  • 7/17 Wednesday PURSUIT RACE
  • 7/21 Sunday Races
  • 7/24 Wednesday Evening Racing
  • 7/27 Saturday, MOONLIGHT SAIL, 6:30 arrive, 8:30 leave dock
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