Interlake Interludes

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As you read this June has come to an end. Your Interlake fleet has hosted another successful George Fisher Memorial on June 22-23. THANK YOU to all the volunteers that made this happen. We cannot have all this fun without you.

We had 18 boats on the water which is a few more from last year. We saw a few less Hoover boats but increased in off Hoover boats. The winds were light and shifty from mainly ENE on Saturday and SSE on Sunday. Both days saw a lot of tight racing in the 6 races sailed and 4 different race winners.

Top 5 finishers

5. Nate, Bridget and Vincent Ireland

4. Tim and AJ Savage

3. Jamie Jones and Lisa Aspery

2. Bryan and Tiffany Parker

1. Jeff Jones and Mike McClinchie

If you happen to travel to an away regatta, talk up our regatta and see if we can get some additional boats for next season. With that said, should we have a regatta where we all travel together (Indian Lake). Road Warriors part deux? I am also taking suggestions for improvements on next year’s regatta,

Our next social event is July 14. Our event lead is none other than Tim Cullenen, The purveyor of anarchy. Feel free to reach out to him and see if he needs any assistance. Here is a personal challenge to our large fleet, lets see if we can get 20 boats out either sailing or racing. If you need help, let me know and I will put the word out.

Do you have a social event idea to help get people on the water, send them my way and lets see if we can make it happen.

See you on the water.