Commodore’s Comments June 2019

Marty SweiterlichCommodore Comments, Leadline

Some of our sailors have noticed that the water on Hoover is not only unusually high but also showing some algae bloom. For those who may be concerned I have been advised by experts that algae usually does not produce a toxic mix. There are literally hundreds of types of algae in Ohio but only two of them can produce toxins. However, in an abundance of caution Charles Vasulka, our club secretary and resident expert on these matters, contacted the City of Columbus testing office. The City collects samples weekly and tests for toxins and other nasty things. Tests for microsystin were conducted on Monday July 1 and levels were well below health advisory levels in the reservoir with none detected at the Morse Road water treatment plant. The algae is not at a level of concern for advisories about swimming (or capsizing Optis) in the water. However, we are in communication with the City and will be asking for test results as conditions warrant. We want to keep everyone safe but for now, just enjoy the sailing.

Speaking of sailing, this past weekend was delightful. Enough wind to make racing fun but not too much. The rain held off both Saturday and Sunday so the full holiday series was run. The potluck on Sunday capped off two great days of sailing whether you raced or cruised. For those who missed the weekend, I look forward to seeing you on the water soon. Get you boat launched and join the fun.