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–Marty Sweiterlich

With the approach of the next sailing season, and after the dry sail expansions that were done over the winter, our Grounds Chair has been taking inventory of boats on the hard for the winter. Max Friedauer and Lisa Aspery have been coordinating their efforts to see that all boats on the grounds are known to the club and have paid for winter storage.  For those who may not be completely aware, Bylaw 9 A reads “Any member may store his boat on Club grounds between November 1 and April 1 for a fee of $80.00.  Any owner choosing to store his boat on the grounds will include an additional $80.00 (plus tax) for each boat being stored with his annual dues.  This fee will be handled exactly as membership dues as stated in the Constitution Article V, Sections (2), (4), and (5).” Most members understand and respect this but some apparently have missed it despite the space on the dues invoice to list payment for winter storage.

While I am on the subject, a boat is a boat is a boat. A boat is defined by Marriam-Webster as “a  small vessel for travel on water”.  That is the definition the City of Columbus uses when charging us and that is, therefore, the definition we must use. Thus, kayaks, canoes and paddleboards are boats and are subject to fees just like sailboats.  We do accommodate the kayaks ( which seem to multiply every summer) with rack storage that is available at a reduced fee if you choose a rack located on HSC property rather than on the city owned dry sail area.  If you pair up two kayaks in one rack space, the cost is even less.

Finally, we recognize that the winter storage stickers arrived late in the season this year and that they did not stick well in the cold.  We plan to remedy that  and are exploring ways to make it easy to identify boats and trailers, especially when they are tarped.  If you have suggestions for doing this please let the BOG know.

Enough on winter boat storage. Let’s focus on the upcoming sailing season. Race Committee schedules will soon be coming out from your fleet captains. Sign up early and often! I had the pleasure of attending a US Sailing Club Officer Race Management Seminar earlier this month at Buckeye lake Yacht Club, where I was surprised by what I already knew and I learned a lot more.  I encourage you to set aside the time to take this seminar the next time it comes near us. Becoming a Certified Race Officer could be fun but just knowing more and upping your game as a PRO is worth the time. The scoring exercise alone was worth the price of admission.

Speaking of Race Management, there will be club seminars on the subject again this year as well as a seminar on the rules of racing. Look for the calendar entries and plan to attend these event.  Even if you do not race, your RC duty will be enhanced if you understand the basics of race management and how your service in a safety boat can help the PRO.

See you at Docks In on March 30.

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