Racing Report

Jeff ClarkLeadline, Leadline Club News

Your fleet racing representatives agreed to a few changes to the HSC Racing Rules for 2019, including: reducing the restricted area around the starting line from 25 yards to 50 feet (requires math!), specifying use of the Interlake class flag for the third start, replacing pursuit race skippers meetings with the posting of start times and selected wind range by 6:15 p.m. on race day, and some minor tweaks in other rules. You’ll find the updated Rules in your directory at Docks-In.

The annual race management and rules & tactics seminars will be given on the evenings of April 17 and 24, respectively. Regatta dates and your fleet’s race committee assignments have been distributed to each fleet and will also appear in the directory. Not on the schedule, but equally important, please reach out to those in your fleet who want to get into racing. As a fleet or individually, it makes all the difference if you help with boat tuning, offer to crew, brush with them, or otherwise mentor an aspiring racer. Your teaching makes them, and in the process you, better competitors.

See you on the water.