Weather Watch: Weather We Like It or Not!

Ann JonesLeadline, Leadline Club News

One or the Columbus TV meteorologists mentioned that our Ohio weather has been like a soap opera recently.  Punxutawney Phil, the Pennsylvania weather groundhog, came out of his burrow on February 2 and did not see his shadow, so he predicted an early spring.  Jamie Jones said that we are in the middle of a La Nina (the cold Pacific influence).  He also told me that the warm air that is carried from Hawaii to California is called the “Pineapple Express”  He said that the Midwest is often influenced by an “Alberta Clipper” that is pushed down from Canada, while the East Coast is hit by both storms moving north along the coast and Northeasters.  Furthermore, Jamie mentioned that the Great Plains are frequently affected by other storms that move south from different portions of Canada.  He said that each situation is different, because each air mass is influenced by surrounding air currents and the topography over which it passes. And of course the weather is totally different in the summertime.  Isn’t weather absolutely fascinating–probably because it’s all relative, and so is sailing! Personally, I think that groundhog was wrong, because it’s supposed to sleet again today.