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Stephanie BahrFleet News, Leadline

Flying Scot holiday party held January 26, 2019.

 It was wonderful to see all of the participants at Elery and Marsha Block’s house on January 26. In attendance was Ellery and Marsha Block, Steph Bahr ,Dave Stetson and guest John Chrystal,Dave and Carla Smith, Ben Blee and Gretchen Curtis, Dave Lonsdale,Marty Sweterlitsch Patrick and Anne Aubourg,Sandy and Dan Phalen.

We missed all of those unable to attend. The festivities included catching up with friends around food and drink. But that wasn’t all.

Ben called a business meeting to order. He thanked our hostess and host Elery and Marsha who has graciously allowed us to use their home year after year. We discussed nomination for a new fleet captain and Marty, (my friend) nominated me,Stephanie Bahr. Faster than  Flying Scot off the line in a gale,the nomination was quickly seconded and unanimously passed before I could protest.

Treasurers report given by Dave Smith who agreed to remain in this important position. Dues of $20.00 were collected. Ben announced Ross Long,who was unable to attend our party,had agreed to stay on as our fleet race representative. Ross will be sending out a sign up sheet for race committee responsibilities. As a reminder to all members of Fleet 37, race committee is a HSC mandated obligation, so please sign up as soon as you can!

Discussion turned to The Buckeye Regatta hosted annually by Fleet 37. The date was confirmed as May 18 and 19, the third weekend in May! Please add these dates to your calendar. Participation with this event is highly encouraged, as this event promotes and supports Fleet 37 and your Flying Scot. This annual event is an ALL HANDS ON DECK fleet event. Please contact me, Stephanie Bahr at to find out how you can help.

Discussion occurred around the review of fleet 37 responsibility for the big boat program. Marty let us know that we have two boats the fleet is responsible for. Our responsibility is to set up the boats in the Spring and put away the boats in the Fall. Sail instruction is charged with care in between. However,it was suggested we look over the boats monthly to assure the condition of the boats is such that they are safe for continued use. If we see anything that could be improved upon, please let me,Jamie Jones or the head instructor for Sail instruction know what is needed. This is not a formal  responsibility for our Fleet, as Sail instruction is responsible, but, we have a vested interest, knowledge and experience which I encourage all to share. The program is part of an effort to grow our fleet and contribute to our sailing community! Which  I believe Fleet 37 is proud to be a part of!

A huge thanks to Jay Huling and Arnie Ishizuka for putting away the boats before Docks Out last Fall.

Commodore Marty reviewed some changes we can expect to boat storage. As you may have read in the Commodores articles in the Leadline, the city has made changes to our lease and the approved changes are to help our bottom line(our own and the clubs).

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Marty directly about changes.

Patrick Aubourg announced that he has his boat for sale and asks if anyone knows of a potential buyer please direct them to Patrick for details. You can find his contact information in the directory.

We all thanked Ben for his service to the Fleet. We appreciate all his hard work.

 The business meeting was concluded and we adjourned for our nautical quiz, winner Patrick Aubourg, and white elephant gift exchange. The stealing was somewhat subdued this year. But good fun and laughs were had by all.

All I have to say is, watch out for the return of the infamous box of boating magazines next year! In the great nautical tradition of sailors helping sailors,the Block’s home was returned to its original condition. The sailors and their guests departed with well wishes to all and expressed excitement for the coming sailing season.

I am here to serve the Fleet and happy to do so!

Please contact me at (614) 425-0725, texting is fine, or email at to discuss any questions, concerns, or acquire information about our Fleet.

Hope to see you all at Docks In!