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Been a while since there’s been an MC article so let’s do a quick wrap-up from last year since Masters.

We found out that Ted Keller is the best loser. Getting 2nd in both the Masters and Nationals (by losing both in a tie-breaker) is not only great, but it sucks! 2019 will be your year!

  • Long John Regatta – Indy – 12 boats…Clark Wade 3rd, Richard Blake 2nd.
  • Cowan Scowin – 12 boats…Mark White 3rd, Clark Wade 2nd.
  • Nor’Easterns – Keuka, NY – 23 boats… Richard Blake 16th, Mark White 8th, Matt Newman (Ex-member) 5th, Clark Wade 2nd.
  • Eagle Lake – MI – 20 boats… Mike Keenan 10th, Richard Blake 2nd and Steve Callison 1st.
  • Masters – Indy – 36 boats… Mike Keenan 32nd, Mark White 11th, Steve Callison 6th, Richard Blake 5th, and Ted Keller (as mentioned above) 2nd.

Mark White is the fastest sailor at Hoover after winning the pursuit races. Jim Bingham did a fantastic job as fleet Captain last year. Mark White is the new fleet captain. Richard Blake is no longer the fleet champ (after 9 years in a row). Clark Wade is… Check out the advertisement in the latest Touch of Class (in case you missed it). I do like the sail.

This year we’ve already had a couple Hoover-onians (if that’s a word) travel to Florida for the Train Wreck regatta where 36 showed up to get away from winter. Mike Keenan was 24th, Mark White – 8th and Matt Fisher – 6th. Nice showing!

By the time this article is printed we will have had the Mid-Winters. As of the time of this writing, no one from Hoover is registered, but I suspect maybe Matt and Mark will go. Mike Keenan should be there as well.

The Cowtown is coming in May. I’m praying for decent weather this year. We should have a big showing with new sailors joining the fleet. Let’s make it the best year yet!