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2015 Endurance Race

This year’s 24-Hour Endurance Race will be held at Hoover Sailing Club from noon Saturday, September 5 to noon Sunday, September 6. This event is sponsored by Leatherlips Yacht Club and HSC and will benefit the Fallen Fifteen. Get your team together and join us for this FUNd-raising event.

Started in 2006, The Endurance Race was formulated as a non-traditional sailing regatta and charity event. The race consists of one continuous 24 hour race for one-design racing boats. Competitors compete on a one mile triangular course and can switch out crews as often as they wish, or sailors can choose to tackle the challenge for the entire duration (see The Shackleton Club above). Changing out crews keeps racers fresh, but costs precious time at the dock.

The racing is serious. While the event supports this years charity, The Wounded Warrior Project, there is no “buying” a better rating or an extra lap through donations. Top teams push hard the entire time, with the first and second place finish in 2007 decided by one boat length! Racing competitively for 24 hour requires planning and a different mindset than the traditional 40-60 minute race format.

For more information about this year’s 24-Hour Endurance Race visit the Fallen 15 website.